Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shrivelled Apples

We made a shrivelled apple. This is the before and after shot. We just poked holes with a knife and cut out a nose shape. We looked up directions on google and read a few, was not exactly sure how to "carve" out the nose. The final apple is a bit golden brown because a few times while it was in the oven , I forgot and preheated up to 400'. But, the overall shrivel effect is still the same. We just coated the apple with a lemon juice salt mixture to help prevent browning (does not help at 400' evidently). It was in the oven at 200' for about 2-3 days (not at night), this is the result of then sitting on the counter for another week. This project is easy, but takes a while to get the end result so start early.

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