Saturday, March 13, 2010

Field trip to KIDZANIA

Two weeks ago, we went on a field trip with another homeschool family from our neighborhood. The place we went was called Kidzania, the whole 2 story building is set up like a kid's city, there are over 80 different shops that are mocks and minis of the real life version. The decor/uniforms are exactly the same (in case I never told you, Japanese people love their uniforms and almost everyone that works here has one). You get to choose which places you want to go to "work" or be a customer. Imagine my kids' eyes, when they get the chance to be a train conductor, a firefighter, a coke bottler, and many more. Each activity took about 20-30 minutes, so for our 6 hours being there, we only did 6 things. Each activity paid money (kidzos)- I'm not sure what you can use them for, I did see the ice cream shop, you had to pay to use them so that you could make and eat the ice cream.

Here are a few shots from our day:

At each activity, there was a sign like this, telling you the time the activity would take, the amount of money you would earn or be paid, and if they spoke English (most importantly):

First activity, gas station attendants. Someone started getting nervous, so big brother Nathaniel had to join in to help out:

Here are Owen and Addison pumping some gas:

Nathaniel washing the windshields:

Nathaniel in his dream job, train conductor, I got in trouble for taking a photo of their photo, but sorry, I wasn't going to pay $10 for it (played the I didn't know foreigner card for that one and walked away without deleting it):

Here he is learning how to do the job:

Poor Hazel, she was too young to participate, maybe if she fakes an injury, the EMT's will use her as a patient?

Did somebody say they needed an EMT? Well this one wouldn't do his training to use the stethoscope to listen to your breathing, don't let him near you!

Highlight of their day, ambulance ride!

Addison putting a sling on the victim:

I love this picture, he looks tired after a hard day's work:

Did I mention there was a bank and you could deposit your kidzos and get an ATM card and wallet? Talk about cool, they have been having so much fun with these wallets and counting their money:

Making coke:

You could make sushi, could being the key word:

Firefighters now, look who got the front seat:

Putting out a fire:

Construction worker:

Black cat delivery, we got here too late to do the activity, it was closing time, but still got a photo with the truck:

Put your hands up, there's some new sheriffs in town:

Talk about a fun day! After this, we are really making use of our dress up hats that we just got and they are already planning to go back. It made me realize that kids can have patience because at each activity, they sat quietly and waited for 20-30 minutes for their turn, I couldn't believe it.

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