Monday, March 8, 2010

The rest of Letter H for Heart Activities

Sorry about the long delay in posting this, since we finished H for Heart two weeks ago. Here are some pictures of the activities that I did with the little ones:

I printed the activities from the following websites, makinglearningfun and filefolderfun. I then cut them out and laminated them. I separated the games into ziploc bags and put them all into this plastic brief case like container I found at the 100 yen shop:

Matching lower case and upper case letters:

Puzzle to match colored hearts:

Lacing heart:

For the first grader, matching contractions with the words that they are made up of:

Sorting hearts by color and size:

Using heart shaped letters to assemble the alphabet:

We also at the beginning of the week drew a giant H on paper and filled it in with lots of words that began with H:

There is also a stuffed H, but I failed to take a photo of it, maybe it'll show up at the end of this week with my R for Rainbow post.

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