Friday, March 5, 2010

Tomica cars why we love them.

The first time I bought my kids a Tomica car (Japan version of matchbox), this is the one Owen got.

I thought it was cute with the panda on the side. I really thought it was just a cute Japanese cartoon decoration. Then, one day, we were in the car and the kids were driving me nuts, I told them to look for their toy cars, the next thing you know, Owen's panda truck drove by. Yes, we refer to it as Owen's panda truck. We have since found out it is a moving company, we have seen the parking building where they keep them once while on the train, we have even seen a TV commercial during the Olympics. Finally, we saw one stopped long enough to get a photo. I think it was the happiest day of Owen's life.

And mine, I had my new gorilla pod with me that Dave gave me for my bday (so I can be in my own photos now). Look, it's me:

So, why wouldn't you love a Tomica car when they are modeled after REAL cars and your kids can spend hours while you're out looking for their own toy cars driving on the road. We've made a game with photos from the Tomica car magazine, see my February We HEART cars post. Check back next week for my Tomica car activity pack I've made for Owen.

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