Friday, March 26, 2010

R for Rainbow finished

Here are the remaining activities that we did that were noteworthy of showing:

Rainbow cupcakes- YUMMY- we had to wait for Nana and Grampa to bring us the white cake mix so we could get the colors right!

Batter in the tins prebaking:

Post baking, what they looked like:


And we made these waldorf stars. I got the kite paper from this site, Palumba. And I got the directions here from Garden Mama. These were very simple to make and very fun, you can use all kinds of color combos for all different occasions. With each pack of kite paper, you can make about 12 stars! They look very nice in the sunlight. Below the photo, you can see some of the laminates shamrocks I hung on the window with different number values for Nathaniel to use as target practice with his nerf shooter, also aids with his addition practice adding up his points!

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  1. too funny--we make the exact same cupcakes, but we call them crazy cakes!

    thanks again for having us over this afternoon!