Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dessert anyone?

One of my favorite places to take visitors to is the basement level of the major department stores. They are filled with kiosks selling food, drinks, souvenirs, fresh baked goods, and desserts. In Japan, there are lots of dessert shops with perfectly decorated treats. It's hard to believe how many dessert shops you will come across, considering how tiny the Japanese people are. The thing is, they are a LOT less sweet than in other places and of course, more expensive and much smaller sized. Below are some, not all of the dessert shops we came across underneath one of the MANY department stores in Sannomiya today:

Of course, my dad cannot come back from the dessert shops empty handed, this is what we came home with today:

A cream puff ice cream cone, oishii! Japan is actually famous for its cream puffs, if you visit, you should try one, they call them shu cream.

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