Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old t-shirt turned cute skirt

Check this out, I am sooo excited about this baby! I found an idea online a while ago about turning old t-shirts into skirts for little girls or shorts for boys. I googled it and today, I followed this tutorial from sew much ado. Can I just say "I LOVE MAKING RUFFLES!!!"

Here I am, how easy is this, highest tension settting, longest stitch, the machine does the rest, whheeee!

All in all, this skirt took me less than 45 minutes to make, including choosing the shirts and cutting. This is great because here in Japan, they don't really have Salvation Army bins or clothing drop boxes, you are supposed to put old stuff in your burnable garbage, how guilty would you feel burning perfectly useful stuff? Now, all I want to do is find clothes Dave and I don't want, so I can make skirts and shorts.

Finished product:

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