Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter egg chalk

Today, we made Easter egg shaped chalk. I've been planning for this activity since October. Dave went on a business trip and I looked up all the crafts I might want to do with the kids in the spring and had him bring back the supplies (for this, the plaster of paris). I found the idea for the chalk at skip to my lou's blog.

To make the chalk, we used
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup plaster of paris
large squirt of tempera paint

I didn't have petroleum jelly to grease the inside of the eggs, so we used A and D, worked great and the chalk does not smell like a diaper rash! I made the mistake with the orange eggs of using some poster paints we had and it didn't give as good of a color as the tempera paints. We put the rest of the "batter" in ice cube trays so we didn't waste anything. Here they are in progress:

We only waited about 1.5 hours before taking the eggs out of the containers, which we should have waited overnight because two of the bottoms cracked off a bit because they weren't completely dried and settled. The ones I put in the ice cube tray popped right out and held their shape great (I did not grease the ice cube tray).

PS- I let the remaining "batter" sit in the cups we used for mixing for about an hour and then it flaked right out in the trash-very easy clean up!- do not rinse in the sink, the chalk will dry and settle in the bottom of your drain.

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