Thursday, April 8, 2010

Owl apparel March (#5)

This was done in March, I swear, but I've been occupied with other things so I wasn't able to get it posted in time. Anyways, I think this might be my favorite owl fabric so far, so I designed a shirt, that next year, I can take off the straps and it will be a skirt, yes, I did try it on her and it looks cute as a skirt, just a tad bit big right now.

I used the strap measurements from the Bananfana Tea Party Twirl pattern, everything else, I made up on my own. I measured out 2 rectangles of the owl fabric, about 28" wide by 9 " long (all I had since I didn't get a big piece of fabric, it was expensive, I got it from Etsy, I think it was imported from Italy). Then, I just folded over the top and made a casing for the elastic, so the shirt would stay up and so it would get a nice full look to it when the elastic was added. To give it length, I added a 2" piece of the pink fabric and then a 5" piece of the turquoise fabric to the bottom. It can be worn on it's own as a tank or with a long sleeve underneath, see below:

I could even get away with adding some lace later on for more length and more life out of this little gem. Look at the cutest owls:

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