Friday, April 23, 2010

Marist Sports Day

Today was Sports day for Marist (the school that Addison goes to). Every year, the school holds a sports day for the last day of their spirit week in April. Sports day activities are very common throughout the country, in fact, there is actually National Holiday for sports day. In japanese, you would call this holiday "Taiiku no hi", in english, you would say "Health-Sports Day". It is held annually on the second Monday in October. It started to commemorate the opening of the 1964 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, and still exists to promote sports and an active lifestyle. I think Dave even has this day off of work, and on this day if we are out and about, we have even witnessed large sports day festivals at the local schools, marching band and all.

Speaking of sports days, I recently found out that my husband's company has daily exercise/stretch time at 8:25 am, 11:55 pm, and 7:55 pm- they last for about 5 minutes, there is a recorded song that plays and there must be some routine they know to follow. In fact, until recently, he said he did participate in the first two of the day. Also, he just had his annual jump rope contest at work, which sadly to say, his team did not win, last year, I think his team was in the finals.

My kids went on a "homeschool" field trip to the Pocky factory, this is the biscuit sticks dipped in different flavors of chocolate. The highlight of the trip, according to the three boys and our two neighbors was watching the workers that were switching shifts do their stretches before beginning their day of work. This morning, when I was out running, I noticed the man who operates the scooter garage, standing outside his office, after opening the gates doing his toe touches and shoulder stretches and I had to chuckle. However, chuckling aside, you rarely see an overweight japanese person, I wonder why.

Here are some photos from Addison's sports day:

Lining up with his classmates:



Obstacle course:

Playing tag:

Tossing a ball (look how high his is):

Our other athletes:

After receiving his ribbon:

Proud ribbon holder "first place":

All the kids (yes, Nathaniel is doing the tree pose):

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