Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plastic bag transfer t-shirt

I was looking on this blog today, filth wizardry at her superhero capes again, and I saw her latest post about using old plastic bags to make t-shirts (right up my alley because we are always printing onto iron on transfer paper to make our shirts personalized). I can't believe how awesome this idea is and how much I am going to use it!!! I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to try it and tonight, while filling easter baskets, my mom pulled out these little bunny shaped plastic bags for the candy. Well, I immediately got Hazel's only plain white t-shirt and set to work. I placed the bunny bag on the t-shirt, then I cut out a piece of ziploc bag large enough to cover the bunny (for extra thickness), covered the whole thing with a piece of parchment paper and set to ironing.
Here's my setup, in this photo, the parchment paper is beside the shirt, I put it on top before ironing:

I had my iron set to cotton (HIGH) and pressed down very hard for about a minute, at first, I lifted it and it wasn't seeming to work, but more pressing and heat and voila: (you can see her holding another plastic bag in her hand to see what it originally looked like)

I can see it now, all the plastic birthday tablecloths, banners, treat bags, shopping bags from kids shops that I can cut and iron. Oh and the best part, the parchment paper was left unscathed, to be reused again and again!!!

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