Monday, April 26, 2010

It's me the puppet

Or is it me? When you're far away from home and your family, you have to get creative so the kids remember everyone and don't miss them as much. Another thing that's tough being this far away is that you have to send bday cards a week in advance. If you don't, well, then you have to get really creative. The kids got a kick out of this and they were having so much fun, it was like the guest of honor was actually here with us. Can you guess whose birthday it is?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPA!!! (yes, a day early because we actually did this early and were too excited about it to wait until your actual bday!)

I found this idea again on Filth Wizardry and how could I not want to do this with the kids? I simply took a close up photo, printed it on 8 x 10 paper, then cut out and laminated it. I did hot glue gun on the popsicle stick because the regular school glue did not adhere well to the laminated paper.

Who's who?

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