Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pokemon Birthday Invitations (DIY Pokemon Cards)

Of course, now that we don't live in Japan anymore, my kids are obsessed with Pokemon.  Hello, it was all over Japan, and we had nothing to do with it for those four and a half years.  Gasp, if they only knew the Pokemon haven that is in Japan.  I love that Pokemon's name is a Japanese way of shortening an english phrase they didn't have a word for- pocket monster- pokemon.  (same for their word for laptop- pasokon (shortened personal computer) and dijikami (digital camera)).  

Anyways, the point is that my son is having a pokemon birthday for his 6th birthday.  I went online and found this awesome website,, where you can upload your own image onto a pokemon card, you can even choose the genre, and fill in your own powers and weaknesses.  I just typed in the info for the party.   

Once you are done filling out the card, you just right click and save it to your computer.  I opened it in power point and pasted four in a document and resized to fit the paper and printed on card stock.  The whole thing took less than ten minutes and my son loved them so much, he didn't want to give them out.  Let's just say I started a revolution, and now I'm making trading cards for all my kids. If you size them right, you can glue them on the back of an existing card and make your own game.
I'm already thinking thank you cards!  You could even make a set of these for one of your kids' friends for a bday gift (if you have stock in printer ink;)

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  1. HEY, I did this and I can't get the whole "owens' birthday party" stuff centered on the line or the sunday date stuff...Can you help me asap? thanks