Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our workbox system

To keep track of our work throughout the day and to make it fun, I found some ideas on line about doing a workbox system. I don't know the exact place I found the idea, because there are a bunch of people using it and I don't follow the "system" religiously, just for tracking our daily work.

I used scrapbook paper that was patiently waiting to be put in a scrapbook, just never happened. I printed out number cards from, penguins for Nathaniel and cars for Owen. I cut out the numbers, and laminated them. Then I traced the penguin cards onto Nathaniel's scrapbook paper and wrote the numbers 1-12 in the boxes, then I laminated the scrapbook paper. Since Owen only had 4 numbers, I didn't trace the cars on his scrapbook paper before laminating.

I used velcro that had tape on one side to attach the numbers to the chart. When they are done with their work, they stick up the number, when we are at the end of the day, they remove them to be ready for the next day. It is a fun way for them and me to keep track of their work through the day.

We have bins and draws with corresponding numbers, where I put their work so they know which number they are on. I try to put the work and whatever supplies they will need in the bins the night before so they are not scrambling to find their work. It is easy for them and me and keeps us more organized, not to mention it is fun for them to open the box to find out what lies inside for them to do.

Here is Nathaniel's blank chart:

Here is it full, doesn't it look fun:

Here is Owen's full (you can see the box next to it with Nathaniel's penguin cards, we keep them there so they are easy to reach right next to the chart and Owen's are kept around the corner hanging in a ziploc baggie):

Here are some of the boxes labelled with numbers, the white numbered ones are Nathaniel's and the one's with laminated pictures of cars are Owen's:

Here are drawers for more of Nathaniel's work, we use it for papers and workbook exercises:

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