Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day (part II)

Here's the rest of our St. Patrick's Day, we had a small get together at our house to decorate cookies. I made green sugar cookies, in the shape of circles and colored icing for the kids to decorate them with. I made each kid a plate with a "color pallette" of frosting to decorate with:

For snacks we had green popcorn, of course. I made it by melting green chocolate and drizzling it over microwave popcorn:

Finally, my masterpiece, a fruit rainbow:

We also played find the pot of gold. I hid five clues around the yard and the last one led them to a pot of gold (a black bowl filled with any candy I could find that had a gold wrapper, resee's miniatures, twix, gold coins, and hersey's kisses with almonds). The kids were a bit disappointed that it was candy, not real gold, duped by the leprechaun again!

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