Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Four fleece cape ponchos

I finally finished the last fleece poncho cape last night. Of course, Owen had to be difficult and sway from the superhero theme. He insisted on having a police car "coat", it is not to be called a poncho, instead of Superman. Here we are in the back!

Addison was super happy about his batman cape, he won't take it off!

Running around, look at them go!

Jumping off the ledge, weeeeeeeeeee!

Look at the spin:

Seriously, Nathaniel has slept in his everynight, they are quite cozy. I forwent the collar on the boys', they didn't really need it because the only zippers I could find here didn't open on the bottom, so it acts as a "tie" to keep the cape together if they keep it unzipped. Here's a link again to the blog I found the idea from, it's called filthwizardry, I don't want her to think I copied her idea without giving credit. I think that next year, there will be similar designs as blankets for Christmas!

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