Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

I can't believe it's November!  I just can't believe it!

This year, as usual, I told my kids that I would not buy them Halloween costumes.  It had to be something we already had or I would make it. (I'm embarrassed by the picture but this was the only chance to get them to stand still and the sun wouldn't cooperate).

I think Nathaniel was my favorite costume.  He dressed up as Addison.  He used the masks we made a few years ago, and wore all of Addison's clothes- admittedly, with a quick glance at the photo, you may actually mistake him for Addison.

Addison got a yoda costume for Christmas last year, so that was his choice.

Owen wanted to be a knight, a glorious silver, shiny knight, unfortunately, I just made him the chest piece and you can't use swords or shields at school.  He didn't mind not being all silver once I caved and bought the sword.  He forgot his black head covering at school, so his costume looks a little blah in the photo, but he has a sword so it's all good!

Hazel was a princess.  I was literally sewing her costume until five minutes before this photo.  The arm gauntlets still need the upper elastic, but she swore it was fine.

Maeve was a princess, the fabric for the body of her dress is still on the table waiting to be sewn, so she just wore the pettiskirt I made.  I love love love the pettiskirts.  I will post more about them later in the week when I get proper photos.

How was your Halloween?

More on this dress later in the week too:

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  1. Omg! I totally thought that was Addison!! Awesome!