Friday, January 4, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

This blog means a lot to me.  It makes me feel a part of something and makes me feel special on the days when I do nothing but break up fights and clean up mess after mess.  I've neglected it a lot last year (but I do have a great excuse, 5 kids and I homeschool one of them).  There were so many things I did/made last year that I wanted to share but never found the time to take good photos, or I got the photos and I never made the time to sit and write the post.  This blog blossomed me into who I am today, it sparked my love of photography, which this year, I started my own photography business:  Liz Carlson Photography.  It pushed me to try new things with my cooking and explore new blogs and cookbooks.  I have done amazing crafts with my kids that I never even would of thought to look for.  So, I am sorry I have neglected this blog because it has helped make me who I am today.  That being said, my number one resolution this year is to get 12 posts a month on this blog, that is 3 posts per week and I know I'm capable of it.  Expect to see lots of new and exciting things.

In the kitchen:
Try one new cookie recipe per month
Try one new dinner recipe per week
Make macaroons
Make the pasta sauce I never made last year

Get level 1 certified to coach crossfit
Do all the named crossfit workouts
Run a 5K in 19:30 or faster
Perfect my pull ups
Be able to do a free standing hand stand
Help my friend qualify for the Boston Marathon
Do all my crossfit workouts with the prescribed weight
Do all the named crossfit workouts
Help make people feel awesome about themselves

Stop buying clothes for myself and my kids (this is something that has been on my mind for a while now.  Last year, I started saving my receipts each month, then totalling up in categories what I was spending my money on.  It is shocking to see how much many you end up spending on little things, it just starts adding up!  I have so many clothes and so do my kids, so I figured it's an easy thing to start with.  I got rid of sooo much stuff last year, and we have so much more, it's ridiculous.  I can sew and I have a lot of fabric, so I can make stuff if they need it.  The only things I will allow myself to buy if the need arises are socks, underwear, coats, and shoes- and athletic shorts for my oldest. I was inspired to start tracking my spending when I saw a girl on the Nate Berkus show who paid off 26,000 in debt in one year by cutting all unnecessary spending, her blog is And Then We Saved.  Then I was even more inspired by a girl at my crossfit gym who just completed her one year of not buying clothes for herself.  Wish me luck!)

Go out with my kids to play everyday!
Teach my kids how to play all the outdoor games I used to play all the time
Play board games with my kids 3 times a week or more
Take my kids to a museum or fun new place once a month
Do a one on one time with each kid once a month
Go out with my husband once a month, no kids
Give the kids experiences and fun outings for their birthdays instead of toys (besides Christmas, I am buying no toys this year- if my kids get toys it will be from a friend or family member)

Catch up on my 52 week challenge
Take a photo of my kids every week
Do more food photography
Take another online editing course
Teach someone else how to use their digital camera

Finish all the projects I started last year
Repurpose the bag of old clothes into useable clothes for the girls
Make the girls quilts (finally!)

Finish the six books I started last year!
WRite more handwritten letters to friends and family
Learn to say no
Send birthday cards to everyone!
Make people feel special
Do random acts of kindness more often

Last year was the first time I had ever written and also publicly expressed my resolutions.  I accomplished about 85% of them because I felt somewhat accountable.  That is why I am doing it again.  I never want to say I'm bored or be worried that I have nothing to do.  I want to live my life to the fullest.  I hope you are inspired to write down some goals and start living your life more fully!


  1. Yo Liz.

    I resolve to paint the 2 bedrooms in my condo. If you and Dave want to do a kids free weekend in Minneapolis this year, I have a guest bedroom and bathroom for you to use! Maybe I'll pace you to your 19:30 5k


  2. Kids free- what's that, lol. Yes, please help me get 19:30!