Monday, March 4, 2013

Where Have I Been?

This past month, I did not stick to my New Year's Resolution of 12 posts per month, I've got some ground to make up.  I've been drowning in my own to do lists and beating myself up about stuff and therefore, neglected this blog.  It may come as no surprise, but I HAVE NO FREE TIME!

I do have one big announcement about where I've been:  I GOT MY LEVEL 1 CROSSFIT TRAINER certification!  In the beginning of the month, I was busy studying for my test, reading, watching videos, quizzing myself, then I spent the next week worrying if I passed or not.

Of course, I passed, and then I had strep throat, and then two of my kids got it, and well, let's just say in my own way, I rested.

But on to more important things, like Crossfit!  So, I was lucky enough to be asked to help coach at my friend's box, so not only did I pass my test, but I'm a real coach!  Yes, I am living the dream, getting more fit, helping people get fit, setting a good example, it's just awesome!

So, that brings me to something,  how I've been rethinking my blog. I'm trying to be a good example and help people get fit, then I'm posting things like chocolate chip cookies recipes and such.  I don't think I'm being a very good example, but you know, I am making things from scratch and if you are going to eat treats, at least you should know what you are putting in them.  So, I have decided to try to focus on more healthy recipes and still post that one new cookie recipe per month and maybe one cake, but be prepared to see more healthy fresh stuff (when I find the time to photograph it).

Also, I'm on a mission to get rid of a lot of stuff.  If you see me posting craft ideas or ideas on things that I bought for my kids that they like, please don't take that as a plug to go out and buy it.  For some reason, I used to get so inspired by blog posts I'd read, that I'd go out and buy all the supplies, and then I'd never find the time to do it with my kids.  Now we have so many supplies, I can't keep it all straight and I'm so busy cleaning and organizing the stuff, I never feel like I do anything fun with my kids anymore.  "Before you know it they will be all grown up and out of the house", I have heard that countless times, mostly when I used to be wandering through the airport with three or four kids ages 4 and under by myself- I actually kind of miss those days.

I hope to start posting more fun ideas and things that I do with my kids, because that means I'm actually doing them.  I'm tired of stuff and mostly I'm tired of yelling at my kids to put it away, to take care of it, and use it.  Why do we get them stuff when we know this is what will happen?  I got rid of two trash bags of stuff to good will and one more of broken stuff to the trash, I felt awesome!  Less stuff to take care of= more time to have fun with your kids.  There was a day when I got on a  plane with a diaper bag and three car seats and three kids that all needed them, I wish I took a picture because I'm actually not sure how I carried the baby and the three car seats onto the plane, that is a memory I wish was frozen on a picture.  Now, I only have one little one that needs a car seat on the plane and it makes me sad.  She's mischievous, but she can't talk back, and I like that.

I'm teaching my oldest son how to cook now and did you know that I used to teach Chemistry?  So, I'm teaching him lots of science experiments.  I'm hoping to put our latest recipes and experiments up for others to try starting this week- he actually asked me if he could start his own blog, lol.  For the rest of the year, he asked me to teach him about nutrition.  Since he hears me talk about food and what's healthy, he asked me to explain how the body processes food and why some things are bad, so I will sharing some of those adventures too.

And, my time is up, got dinner to make and 8 baskets of laundry to put away.

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  1. I'd love to read a guest post by Nathaniel on here...good composition assignment maybe?