Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tomorrow Sometimes I Don't Love Ya

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, you're only a day away."

It's such a catchy little tune- even more catchy to start using, right?!

-I'll do the dishes tomorrow, I just want to go to bed....
My Nana told me never go to bed with a sink full of dishes.  It's so nice to start the new day off with an empty sink and one less thing to worry about.

-I'll take you to the park tomorrow...
I have been saying that to my three year old for the past two months, yep, still haven't gone to the park.

-I'll start working on my consecutive chest to bar pull ups tomorrow, my arms are too sore today.
Well, that was back in March, and guess what, my arms or hands are always going to be sore.

-I'm going to get my kids to love hiking and outdoor adventure activities.
Well, maybe next year because Maeve is too little.  This year, I have too much work to do, we just moved, we just don't have enough money.  It's almost time for school to start.  I just have to finish this one thing at home today and we'll go tomorrow.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, but sometimes you ruin everything!

Tomorrow can be such an easy excuse.

Why start today when there's tomorrow?

I'll always have tomorrow.

Well tomorrow, screw you!  I am vowing to stop it with my rationale that you will always be there and start living my life today!

A few summers ago, I did a challenge with my kids and we made up a list of stuff that we would not normally try or do and we would get challenge points for attempting or succeeding at the task.  That made life interesting, kept us focused each day- and not waiting for "tomorrow".

Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  If my toilet goes uncleaned for one more day, will that ruin my life?  NO!  But, if I don't take my kids back to the zoo to see the dolphin show, will that ruin my life or theirs?  Technically, no- but I made a promise and I didn't follow through to them, so there's a little distrust building here.  Also, always choosing work and chores over fun with the kids is sending a message that they are a little less important.  I'll never forget the Oprah episode I watched when she interviewed a mother with OCD about what memories she'd rather have her daughter have when she was older 1) that the towels were always neatly folded or that 2) she and her mom had tea parties together.
Why does tomorrow seem to always steal the fun and excitement because today is busy cleaning, organizing, and emptying a to-do list.  I'm not suggesting go party all the time and let your house rot until you are a candidate for Hoarders- but take note of how many times you are passing off things you say are important to you with an excuse and the hope that tomorrow is waiting around the corner for you.

Look at your day- how many times do you waste time on meaningless things like checking Facebook or instagram?  Oooh, how many hours do you spend on pinterest looking up cool ideas for things to do with your kids or make for fun family dinners or more inspirational memes to get you pumped to start working out?  At that moment, your kids are sitting on the couch bored watching TV when they could give a care if they do a toilet paper roll craft- they just want to spend time with you.  At that moment you could be lifting a barbell over your head feeling unstoppable.  At that moment, you don't have to be planning that tomorrow you will be doing this and that, you could actually be doing it.

I'm suggesting you live your life, take your to do list and move up the important stuff- maybe if you have ten chores in there, replace #3 with go to the park or read for 30 minutes.

Be sporadic sometimes.  Instead of waiting until this or that happens, take that trip to the mountains or enter that competition you've been on the fence about trying.  Live your life now while you have the passion to do so.

Teach your kids to enjoy nature and expose them to all the wonders of the world now, not tomorrow, because tomorrow, they will be 18 and leaving for college and then you will wonder where did the time go.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm not gonna let you steal my fun anymore.

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