Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bedroom decorations FINALLY!

Last weekend, when I was supposed to be cleaning up and finishing unpacking, I finally decided to put up the wallies I bought for Hazel LAST SUMMER! So, technically it was cleaning up because they've been sitting on my bedroom floor collecting dust since August. There is no creativity on my part for this scene, I just followed the example on the package, but I am quite pleased with the results. All the kids have commented how nice it looks. I decided after 3 years of living here, that we need to change how white and unpersonalized our bedrooms are, if we can't paint, I guess the wallies will have to do. They are quite easy to use and come off easily (for whenever we have to move). Thank you Target for these cute little owls! Now, if I can finish unpacking from this trip, I'll be able to start that owl quilt I've been meaning to make for Hazel.


  1. You! I just saw a link to this on your facebook page! I'm so happy to be able to read all of the awesome activities you have planned for the kids and your adventures in navigating Costco in Japan.

    Miss you!

  2. heh heh the owls on the walls conveniently distract me from the tent in the bed. :)