Thursday, January 6, 2011

Melted crayon window decorations

Guess what happens when you are home with the third sick kid in a week?  You take the leftover crayons you peeled yesterday and grate them with your cheese grater:
Then, put them between two sheets of waxed paper, with a towel on the bottom to catch drippings:

Place a thin towel on top, take your hot iron and press to melt the crayon shavings:
(I do wish I put a bit less shavings on at once because if you do get them to melt to almost liquid, they do spread, the speckled areas could have used a bit more melting, but they were at the edge of the paper.  Also, the darker colors blended together and made a brown- not very Valentiny :( )

Then, you cut out your desired shapes, we chose hearts since Valentine's Day will be here before we know it:


  1. We have the same window decorations, except ours are ripped tissue paper between contact paper:)
    Do you ever repurpose your old crayons doing the melt in shaped ice cube trays trick? That's my favorite old crayon project!

  2. Corey- I did them in heart shaped candy pans before and in an old cupcake pan. I was going to try the tissue paper one this week and I was going to do it w/ paint too. Trying to get rid of stuff before we move. I was going to use up old streamers from bday parties and put them in there.

  3. Ha! I totally didn't even see the post below this one until after I commented!