Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Quilt

You know by now my kids are OBSESSED with Super Mario Brothers.  My oldest son has been begging me to make him a new quilt with a fuzzy back like his brothers.  A few months ago, we found some Super Mario fabric here and it was orange, his favorite color.  The plan was for me to cut out the squares and teach him how to sew while making the blanket himself.  However, the time never presented itself, so I decided to surprise him with it as a Christmas gift.  Unfortunately, the outer edge fabric (striped) didn't arrive until Christmas afternoon (yes, we get mail here on Christmas).  So, I finally finished it last night and had it on his bed waiting when he got back from skiing.

He was so surprised and told me to thank me he's going to "try" to be good every single day now.

Of course, he asked me to get more fabric because Addison was quite sad that he didn't have a matching one on his bed.  I made him a batman backed one a few years ago, so I was hoping he wouldn't want one.  They also asked for matching pillowcases. If only there were 24 waking hours in a day....

The front:

The fuzzy back:

Close up- kind of makes you see how they like this so much, the characters are so fun and colorful, I almost want one for me ;)


  1. Where did you find the cute fabric?

  2. Omg, it is so cool. did it take u a long time to make? u did a great job. I want to make my son one. where did u get the fabric from?

  3. It took me one day to make, square patchwork is simple, all the pieces are the same size. I got the fabric from Japan, but I have seen it on etsy before.