Saturday, May 21, 2011

Backyard Bird Songs

I bought my kids a few books about bird songs, one is The Backyard Bird Song Book, another is Bird Songs from Around the World, and the last is A Guide to Night Sounds.  We are staying at my parent's for a while, and they live in a remote spot, so there are a lot of birds chirping, especially at this time of year.  A couple weeks ago, my son came down and said he kept hearing a noise every morning and wondered what it was.  He repeated the sound to me, "heee hoooo".  I knew it must be a bird, so I got out the Backyard Bird Songs and we ended up identifying the bird.

The Backyard Bird Songs book is easy to use and it's a sound book that you won't get annoyed by your child having because it produces sounds you'd hear anyways.  For each bird, there is a page of information, then a color picture of the bird.  Above the picture, there are two numbers, one for the bird's song and one for a call.  After playing the songs in order, we identified the bird as a black capped chickadee (the Massachusetts state bird).  Later that day, we were outside with the book, and as my son played the song, a real black capped chickadee in the yard would repeat the song back, it was really cool.

For part of my second grader's and kindergartener's work on birds, they have a list of twelve birds who they have to learn to identify by their song.
(Yes, I know my daughter has a great sense of fashion ;) )

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