Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Potato Stamp Birds

Here's another idea I found on The Chocolate Muffin Tree via The Crafty Crow for our bird unit.  A simple colorful painting using potatoes as stamps.  This was easy and fun and something all ages could join in for, including my mom and I.  Painting is a great way to relieve stress.

First, cut several small pieces of corrugated cardboard of varying lengths from 2-5 inches (for the tree branches), stamp with brown:
Next, cut a potato into fourths, we used a small red potato:
Next, put out lots of colors of paint, stamp the bird bodies with the potatoes:
Use a paint brush and press down on it's side for the tail:
Use the end tip of the paint brush to add beaks, feet, and eyes.

Done by a 7 year old:
6 year old (that purple bird in the bottom corner is my favorite!):
4 year old:
3 year old:
My mom:

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