Sunday, June 5, 2011

Babies Love Black and White

I've always heard babies love black and white and red.  Since we're living with my parent's 1,000 miles away from Dave until the house is finished, I wanted to find a way for Maeve to be able to "see" him.  I made a collage of photos of her brothers, sister, Dave, and I, and printed it out on regular paper in black and white.  Then, I used red and white ribbon that I got at Michael's and glued it around and between the photos.  I was going to mount it to a canvas with modpodge, but didn't have any canvas available, so I opted to laminate the sheet.

(okay I'm really annoyed, I can't edit the photo in blogger to be upright and in iphoto it is upright, and I don't have the patience or time right now to fix it)

Propped up at the end of her chair:
View from the playmat:
***(The ribbon is thick, so I had to run it through the laminator twice to get the edges to completely seal. - It's been a few weeks and it hasn't come apart, so it is durable, but maybe for something more lasting and that you could later mount to the wall, modpodging on canvas might be a better option)

How cute would this be for a baby shower gift?  You could punch holes in the top and thread ribbon through so it could be hung from many places.

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