Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Playing: Family Games- Colorku

Growing up with five brothers and sisters, it's easy to find someone to play a game with.  My family was big into games, so it's not surprising, I try to play a LOT of games with my kids.  Sometimes choosing a game that's going to be fun in general and then fun for everyone can be difficult.  Looking at the box only, it's hard to judge if everyone's really going to like it and if it'll be one that comes off the shelves a lot.  I decided to try to post one of our favorite family games every week.

After our long drive a few weeks ago, I took the kids to a really cool local toy shop to get some new games.  The store had so many good ones, it was hard to choose.  This game, Colorku, stood out from all the rest to me.  I'm sure you can see why:
Doesn't this look so fun?!  It was like, "Hey buy me, I'm bright, cheery, and fun!"
Each box comes with 81 fun colored wooden beads:
"Play with us, we're so much more fun than writing numbers in squares!"
But, if you do want to convert the colors to numbers, and write out your own grid, there is a key to show you how:
The set comes with cards to start you off for over 100 games:
I sit down and work with my two oldest sons to solve the puzzles, they get harder the higher the number of the puzzle:
If you get stuck, there is a solutions sheet:
For the little ones, you can change it up a bit and do rows or columns of rainbows:
You can do blocks of rainbows too:
Or maybe even fill up each block with 9 beads of one color and do a giant rainbow block pattern.  There really is fun for everyone in this game!  It's been a big hit with all four of my "big" kids.

*I didn't get paid to do this review, it's my own decision to do it, so I am not biased in any way.*

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