Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Sewing and Playing: Baby blankets

I've been busy packing lately, so I haven't had time for a whole lot of stuff otherwise.  I figured I'd take the time to show off some blankets I've made that my baby really loves!  Like I've said before, "babies LOVE colors"!  Since most of our baby gear and toys are in our shipments, Maeve has been spending a LOT of time with these two blankets, and guess what?:  she loves them loves them loves them.  She can lay on her tummy for hours and stare at the pretty colors (with no toys at all).

This is a blanket I made for my parent's to keep on their couch (I'm kind of thinking about stealing it back - it's her absolute favorite):
This is a blanket I made when I had Owen, there are two, this one and it's counterpart (which is in our shipment):
Can you even stand the cuteness?

Next time you need a baby blanket, divert from the traditional pastels and go for something bright and exciting- baby won't be disappointed.

Pst:  When I get into my house and possibly get a new machine, I might be making a few for sale on etsy.  Stay tuned.

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