Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Partying: Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party #3

For some reason, this year, we have moved within days of my kids' birthdays.  There was a birthday in August, only 4 days before we made our final big move.  There was cake, oh lots of cake, but not so much in the area of games, decor, and favors.  There were ideas, but no time to implement them, so you will just be seeing lots and lots of sweets here.  Oh, and this birthday t-shirt-  a birthday in our house just isn't complete without a birthday outfit!
For this shirt, I found some fabric printer paper at a JoAnn's Fabrics going out of business by my parent's house.  I skeptically bought it, but it turned out to be AWESOME!  Only thing, if you don't follow the directions and handwash, the ink will fade drastically after several washings (learn from my mistake).  It was soo easy to use, just create the image (I even downloaded super mario font), print it out, cut it out, and sew it on to the t-shirt - I used interfacing on the inside of the t-shirt to help feed it through my sewing machine easier.

For decor, I bought a pack of white stars (I was going to decorate them like the power up stars)- the kids took care of this for me:
I made this cupcake stand, it's my first one, so it came out a little sketchy, but I can't wait to make more.  I found the tutorial online here at Annie's Eats.  All you need is a glue gun, some soup cans, pretty paper, ribbon, and 3 different sizes of styrofoam circles.  You can customize one of these for any occasion!
I cut Mario pictures off a box of trading cards we had and glued them to the stand.

For the cake, the main thing I wanted to do was make these power up star cake pops- yes Bakerella, I did it!  Victory is mine (with cake pop making).  I made a vanilla cake, homemade vanilla icing, crumbled up the cake, mixed in the frosting, spread it out in a big cookie sheet, froze it, then used mini star cookie cutters to cut out the star shapes.  I froze them some more, then I dipped the sticks in a bit of melted chocolate, put them in the stars, and put them back in the freezer to anchor them in.  I dipped the stars in melted yellow chocolate, my key to success:  I added a few teaspoons of oil to the melted chocolate to make it smoother.  I used chocolate sprinkles for the eyes- these were quite a hit!
For the cupcakes, I used my new favorite vanilla bean icing and vanilla bean cake recipe (to follow soon)- oh these are just so yummy, no one can eat just one- no one!  I used rainbow colors because Super Mario Bros. is such a colorful game!
For the chocolate you saw in the cupcake stand, homemade yodels (what's a yodel?, stay tuned for a future post on those too)- you'll never buy store bought again! Not super mario themed, but a request from the birthday boy!
 Who doesn't love a birthday filled with lots of cakes and sweets?  What a SUPER day!

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  1. yum! happy belated birthday, nathaniel!!