Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eye LOVE these t-shirts!

Last year, I found so many ideas for Halloween, I was overwhelmed.  Something that stuck with me all year, was the idea for these t-shirts.  I thought I'd make them over the summer, but never found the time.  As I was feeling better this week, I set my mind to making these t-shirts, so the kids could at least enjoy them before Halloween.  Here is a link to the website where I got the idea, creative kismet.  Mine aren't as good as hers, I did them from memory before I went back to her blog.  I wish I made the eyes bigger and did the red lines.  Oh well, the kids love them and were already asking me to make some more for their friends.

To start, I drew eye shapes with a sharpie (and colored in the pupil black)- I would recommend to not draw the outer eye shape, since when you sew, the shape will be formed by the shirt.

Then, I used what I thought was acrylic craft paint to paint the eyeballs.

I washed the strip of fabric before I sewed in the eyeballs and I'm sad to say, the paint was not exactly craft, but it did stay, just not as brilliant as the original painting.  That is one of the pitfalls of having to shop at a japanese craft store, hoping you bought what you thought you did.

I turned the t-shirts inside out and pinned the eyeballs, darker color down to the shirt.

I sewed around the eyeballs, leaving about 1/4" between the stitch and the eye.   Then, I turned the shirts right side out, pulled up, so I was holding just the t-shirt, and cut out an eye shape to reveal the inside painted eye.  I tried to leave an upper lip so it looked like a droopy lid, but I think I didn't leave enough, the kids could have cared less though.

I did put one on each of their backs too.

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