Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Super Mario has his eyes on you!

For our first art project of the year, I had Nathaniel do a self portrait.  It took quite a few days for us to finish the project, but in the end, I think he was happy with the result.

I got the idea to use a black sharpie to outline the finished product, here at Deep Space Sparkle blog.

I was worried that it was going to be like pulling teeth everytime we did an art project.  Surprisingly, when I decided to do our second project a few days later, which was an extension of the self portrait, he was very excited.  That was because I told him he could do a portrait of whatever he wanted, but make it kind of Halloween-ish.  Do you know what he decided to do a portrait of??  SUPER MARIO, of course.

I didn't have to do any poking or prodding to get this project rolling.  The orange outfit of course, is his pumpkin disguise, and the extension on the self portrait was that we made the eyes movable so they can follow you- SPOOKY!  I found the idea here at That artist woman's blog.

Is he looking right?

Is he looking left?

The kids are having fun moving his eyes around, I can see that we will be doing this art project again!

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  1. I LOVE these drawings! they are awesome!!! you should have him do a family portrait! there is this wicked awesome paper that works with black markers...im gonna have to find out the name of it but it makes crazy designs when you use black marker on the paper. tell nathaniel to draw me a pic