Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Fourth Anniversary to Me

Four years ago, along with my three boys, then aged 3, 20 months, and 4 months, my sister, 1 big stroller, 3 car seats, and 19 suitcases, I arrived at the Osaka airport in Japan.  It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly.  Looking back to how I felt when I first arrived and how I feel now, it's amazing the transition I've undergone.  At first, I was thinking "just three years- that's it", now I am thinking, "I don't want to leave next year, we've got to figure out a way to stay".  I was so nervous to be so far away from my family and felt like it would seem like an eternity between visits.  I have had so many adventures, and have had so much fun discovering new things in this country (and travelling to some other ones as well)- that it seems like the time passed in the blink of an eye.  

It's been really fun to give family and friends the opportunity to come and visit us and share what our life in Japan is like.  It has been so enjoyable to take everyone around and point out all the unique things about Japanese culture.  I have been having a lot of fun lately pointing out some of these things on this blog too.  I really regret that I did not think to start it sooner.  As I am feeling better though, I will be going through my photo archives and adding more stuff to the blog from our early years.

Speaking of the early years, here are some photos from our first year:

Now look at us, we are no longer 5, but 6, with 7 on the way.  Dave has lost over 20 lbs, without even trying, two of the kids have started school, someone lost a tooth, no one is wearing diapers (at least for the next few months), two kids can ride two wheeled bikes and have learned to read and write, some of us can speak "okay" japanese and read the characters, and the kids can recognize flags from all over the world.  It's amazing what has happened in four years time!

This was taken last week on our trip to New Zealand.  That post will be coming soon (when I find the time).  As I was searching for a picture, I realized how few I am actually in since I am usually behind the camera.  

As our time here is coming quickly to a close, if you haven't had a chance to visit and you want to, you should try to come in the next year.  This is a wonderful country with lots of adventures to be had.

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