Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Princess Bella Dress

I bought this dress pattern called Princess Bella by a company called Izzy and Ivy about a year ago, starting to prepare for summer dresses for Hazel.  I cut out the fabric before homeleave LAST year, but never got around to sewing it.  With being sick, pregnant, packing, etc, I never got around to sewing it. Now that I'm to the sad part of packing where I'm putting away all my sewing stuff, I found the fabric pieces I had cut out.  I thought I'd use it as stress relief and finish it before I move so there's no unfinished projects waiting for me six months from now when I'm unpacking.

Honestly, the pattern made me nervous because it involved two things I'd never done before, rolled hem and shirring.  I even had my sister send me the rolled hem foot for my sewing machine (too bad I can't find it, so I just pressed and ironed the hems like I normally do).  As for shirring, I tried every tutorial under the sun and every combination of things to do and not to do when shirring and I couldn't get it.  I had some success, but not what I envisioned, maybe when I get a new machine someday, it'll have an instruction manual...

The straps were supposed to be all shirred, I sewed rows and pulled elastic in between them, I love how they came out.  This pattern was okay, but for the price, and the fact that there were no pieces to trace, it was all by measurement, I think it would be a better download for a cheaper price.  In the instructions, there seemed to be some missing steps or hints, definitely seems like they didn't have someone test it out to see how they went with it.  In the end though, I will be making this dress again, but I think next time, I'll eliminate the front bow- it makes the dress seem so bulky.

My little princess loves this dress and has been doing a lot of twirling today, there's definitely a lot of room for twirling.  This is going to be perfect to wear over sweats like she is doing now, as a sun dress in the summer, and a tunic next winter.

The back:
Some twirl action:

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