Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel Play mat for Babies

If you have a young child, you will know how much they love buckles.  When my kids were babies, they would always head straight for an empty car seat or high chair to do the buckles.  I always wanted to make some kind of buckle toy to keep them busy.  With my recent "obsession" of making travel play mats, I had the idea to make this buckle one for my nephew, who will be turning one soon.

I bought 3 buckles at a craft store here and used one set from an old high chair we were throwing away.  I used leftover strapping from the library bags I made for my kids to anchor them to the fabric.  I also decided to throw in a zipper for fun.

In the zipper pouch, baby can keep all their favorite things, like a picture of mom and dad and of course, their toy cars!

All rolled up and ready to go in the diaper bag:


  1. are you trying to tempt me to learn to sew!!! hahah Love this!

  2. I'll teach you when I come, simple things like straight lines are easy. We'll make a car mat for the little guy.

  3. You can teach Liz at the same time she wants to learn how!