Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party 2- Luigi

Luckily for me, another one of my sons wanted a Super Mario Brothers birthday party, and even more luckily, he likes Luigi better than Mario.  For his birthday, of course, I made him a shirt (fire Mario is lighting the 6 candles):
The back:

The party was the night before we were leaving Japan, so it was a quickie and wasn't as elaborate as it would have been if we were not moving the next day.  For the table, I used my giant roll of paper, and then I cut out printouts of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach and scattered them about.  It turns out, the kids had fun picking which ones they wanted to have near them while they ate their cake.  I found the images for the printouts by googling the character names and then I right clicked and saved them as clipart. I put them in a word document multiple times and made them each about 2 inches tall.

They made great cupcake picks too:
For napkins, I bought plain yellow ones (much cheaper than design ones) at Target and using my sharpie, drew question marks on them, like hint boxes:
I bought plain green plates and bowls too, since Luigi wears green.

I had my brother and his wife, who are much more artistic than me, draw a Luigi on a piece of cardboard and we cut out the face, so the kids could "pose" as Luigi:

And for the crazy part of the party, if you didn't know, Luigi is a plumber.  I cannot stand that my kids are always saying "poo" and "toilet", so I thought since Luigi is a plumber, I'd take the party to a different level than I normally would.  I decided to go for the plumber/toilet aspect of Luigi and for a game, we played pin the poo in the toilet:
Yes, unkachan is an actual cartoony character in Japan, so I googled unkachan and downloaded some pics, cut them out, and we were good to go.

I even found some unkachan lollipops at our grocery store for party favors (don't you just love Japan and it's kawaii factor?):
I wanted to do so much more, but there just wasn't time, if you want to have a plumber Super Mario party, I'm sure the possibilities are endless.  The game got lots of giggles and my kids didn't take it overboard, so I was happy.

For the cake for our family, I had strict instructions it had to be a Luigi face.  Using the images I found for the wooden dolls I painted the kids for Christmas, here's what I came up with:

The cake was a double layer chocolate chip cookie dough, turns out the icing for that cake is the perfect flesh tone (in case you ever need to make a face cake ;)  I made the whole amount listed on the link, it was enough to make 24 mini cupcakes (which I'd recommend with this recipe since they are rich) and 2 shallow 9" round cakes.  I smeared the dough filling in between the two round cakes and used cone filling method to fill the mini cupcakes.  Yum yum yum.

Here is a link to the other Super Mario party we had last summer.

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