Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school for us! I did it, I successfully homeschooled a first grader. I admit I was nervous about making it through the year, but I did it, he did it and WE are looking forward to doing it again for grade 2 next year. It was such a great and fun experience, something we probably would not have had if it weren't for living in Japan and having the benefits from Dave's company that we do. The end of the school year is especially exciting for us because it means the long awaited trip home for us is just around the corner, actually in three days! I don't think the kids have ever been more excited, not even on Christmas night- seriously they were jumping off the walls last night.

Here they are on the first day of school this year:

Here they are on the last day of school:

I think Hazel has changed the most, but they have all grown at least 2 inches. Time is flying by. If you have kids, you should try doing this when they go to school, take a photo on the first day and last day of school in the same spot to see how they've grown and changed.

Now that we are done with school, I will have more time to post all the rest of the activities I've been promising to write about. Happy summer everyone!

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