Friday, July 23, 2010

Hand painted custom T-shirts

I was reading a blog, Skip to My Lou, a while ago and saw an idea for batik painting for kids on fabric, this idea originated from That Artist Woman- great site by the way. Of course, I immediately knew this would be a perfect idea for the kids to make their own t-shirts. Have you seen how much a professional t-shirt costs with your child's name on it? It's quite expensive- and they grow out of it after a year or two. For this project, I bought the galaxy glitter glue by Elmer's (at JoAnn Fabric), acrylic craft paint (at Walmart), and a few 5 packs of Hanes' white cotton t-shirts. All together, the cost for about 10 shirts was still less than one custom made store bought shirt and my kids had so much fun doing this with their cousins and they LOVE to wear their shirts!

First we used the glue to draw our design on the t-shirts (normally I would let the kids do this, but they were particularly grouchy that day, so my sister and I did all the artwork), these sat overnight for the glue to dry:

On the day we were painting, first we added a blob of each paint to a paper plate:

Then we added some water to dilute the color slightly, this makes more of a tie dye effect and makes it easier to paint on:

Then I put a piece of cardboard under the wax paper in each shirt (to give a sturdier surface for painting, and to try to keep the paint from getting on to the back of the shirt), and we started painting (warning: this will stain your kids' clothes, so put on play clothes for this activity:

We let them dry on the clothes line in the sun for about 30 minutes, then removed the cardboard and waxed paper. Then let them dry more about 3 hours. Finally, we rinsed the t-shirts in hot water in the bath tub. The heat of the water helped dissolve the glue, and I actually used my loofah to scrub the remaining glue off (it did not affect the painted areas at all)- the paint we saw floating in the water was the paint that had dried to the top of the glue.

I washed and dried them and look at the results:

And yes, he thought you were supposed to paint between the glue- so it might be good
staying between the lines practice for young children. I tried to show him how to do it on the stem of the 7, and I haven't heard the end of how I ruined his shirt and he is making another one by himself- LOL!!!! Oh and the red drip on the 7 is ice cream.


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    Just found your blog on the expats website. Saying hello from Yokosuka!

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