Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding quilt with love

About ten years ago, I was visiting a friend in Washington state. She had a lovely quilt on her guest bed and I asked her where she got it and as it turned out, it was a gift she received for her wedding. I remember how touched I was by the fact that someone took the time to make her a gift, something that was so special, personal, and useful. Since that day, I have made many a person I know a quilt for a special occasion, whether it be a baby shower, wedding, birthday, Christmas, or just because they are special. I try to use their favorite colors, a favorite hobby, or just something I know that is going to make them smile as a basis for the design. In fact, the first one I made was for my aunt and uncle after my cousin died from leukemia- I wish I had a picture of it to show you, but I will tell you it was made with all of her favorite colors (mostly purple), and had LOADS of my own mistakes, but low and behold, it's still around and kicking in their house. Someone once asked me couldn't I just buy blankets- well, yes, I could, but they just wouldn't have the same special meaning.

My cousin got married last Friday and of course, I made a quilt for her. About two months ago, my sister told me that my cousin did not like the ugly quilt hanging up at the hall where she was having her wedding and did I think I could make something to cover it up? Could I ever! Since it was for a wedding and being hung up at a wedding, I used a heart pattern. This was a freezer paper pattern called Heart Crazies by a company called Buggy Barn(looks hard, but it's super easy- you just have to be a tiny bit organized). I have MANY other patterns by this company and I have made about four or five quilts with them and they have all come out BEAUTIFUL- it is so fun! For the colors, I used black and white (because they were part of the wedding colors)- and turquoise/aqua because my sister told me they were part of the colors in my cousin's room- which I have yet to know if they really are. At any rate, here it is from the front:

And the back:

I always like to use a big and fun print for the back and I couldn't resist this butterfly print since my cousin's mom LOVED butterflies.

Surprisingly, this is the first quilt I have made in over a year, but it has given me my quilting bug back, so be prepared to see a lot more soon.

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