Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello Kitty Dokinchan birthday part II

For each of my kids' birthdays, I've gotten into the habit of making them a special birthday outfit.  This year, I let Hazel dig through my piles of fabric to choose what she wanted her dress made out of.  She could not decide, but in the end, here, at a fabric store, she found some pink based Anpanman fabric, with Dokinchan on it.  Of course, she immediately decided she wanted a Dokinchan dress that she could twirl in.

Upon searching the internet and a few independent dress shop websites, I found the dress I wanted to make here at Sweet Plume's shop on etsy.  I didn't want to pay that much anyways, but I will say, after making a sort-of copy of the dress, it's worth every penny she's charging, with all the fabric and time that goes into it.  Ruffles are fun and slightly easy, but very time consuming to make and add to the dress.

Here are a few shots of my dress, I didn't have a pattern, I winged the whole thing.  It came out way bigger than I thought, at least it will fit for years to come.

I tried to go the homemade route with my gift.  I wanted to make a Dokinchan fleece coat.  I could not find orange fleece here.  Then, I was walking by a clothing shop and saw men's fleece jackets.  I bought a size L, for less than $20, brought it home, laid one of her coats on it, and cut out the pieces.  Since the men's jacket already had finished seams, I only had to sew the pieces together, without the hemming.  On the back, I sewed on a Dokinchan face with felt and on the front, a patch of course.  I was even able to keep the pockets on the coat when I cut it out and found an orange zipper that fit perfectly.  What can I say, she's in love, she's in love and she doesn't care who knows it:

She of course, received a Hello Kitty coat too, and today when she wore it and wouldn't take it off, she said "I look so cool don't I?"

This was my store bought gift, and of all the things she likes about it, the plastic brush and lipstick have Dokinchan stickers on them.  Yes, for Christmas, I am finally going to break out my mod podge and utilize all the Dokinchan stickers and magazine cutouts I can possibly save.

At this birthday, there were no games.  I covered my kitchen table with the art paper from Dick Blick.  I cut out dots that were pink, purple, and orange, and taped them to the table.  The kids thought this was sooo awesome, they wrote their initials on the dots and "happy birthday", and just had fun sitting and coloring- the dots kept them busy for at least 45 minutes, if not longer.  I think I have a new table cloth.

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