Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Candy Cane Princess

Back when I was looking for ideas for Hazel's birthday dress, I also found a great one for her Christmas dress.  It's actually from the same designer, Sweet Plume.  Here's a link to her dress (I opted to take it easy and not try to make the feather apron).

This dress was soo (sew) easy to make.  I used a pattern for the top from  Portabello Pixie dress pattern, Analise.  Then, I made up the skirt on my own. The straps are cut up pieces of a white boa.  Then, I cut up 6 inch wide strips of red and white tulle and attached it to the skirt before sewing it all together with the top. In total, I used 2 meters (2 yards) of white and 2 of red tulle.  Obviously, the more you use, the fuller the skirt will be.  There are a pair of red and white striped tights to go with it, they are just amongst the missing right now ;)

The candy cane princess couldn't wait to put it on- thank goodness she LOVES wearing dresses again.  In fact, the night I finished it, she wanted to go wake her brothers up at 10 pm to show them and then the next day, had to go out and model it for all the neighborhood children. Look how happy she is:

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