Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Car Quilt

When my kids are old enough to have interests, I let them help me pick out fabric to make them a quilt.  I think it's nice for them to have something special that they helped design to sleep with every night.  My oldest son still asks for his baby blanket I made before he was born, there's just something sentimental about a blanket that was made especially for you with love.  If you have the time, a homemade blanket would be the ultimate gift to make your child for Christmas.  This did not take me that long to make, but with visiting home over the summer, being sick for almost three months, and my husband's work hours, it took me longer than normal to make this one.

My son loves cars of all kinds, but is especially fond of police cars.  Here is the front:

Close up:

The back:

The whole back was supposed to be the car fabric, I thought it could double as a play mat, but my son is obsessed with "fuzzy blankets", not "cold ones".  Cold ones are just normal cotton, like a sheet, he only wants to feel fleece or soft fuzzy on his face, especially in the winter- so I patchworked the back to be the fun fabric I wanted and the fuzzy fabric he wanted.  I know this will bring him many warm happy sleeps for lots of years to come.

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