Friday, December 24, 2010

Superhero Masks

Living in a foreign country can often present issues when it comes time to buying your kids Christmas gifts.  Mainly, my kids are not exposed to much TV, so they do not see commercials and therefore, have no idea what to put on their Christmas list.  Not to mention, I have no idea what the happening toys are either and even if I did, shipping can be quite expensive.  Oftentimes, if they have toys here that we like, they are very expensive.  This year, I did buy a few things here that looked neat, but I honestly have no idea what they are, I guess it'll be a surprise for me too when the kids actually open the box.

Originally I was going to try to make most of my kids gifts, then there was that record scratch, and I came back to reality (I HAVE NO TIME).  I decided to at least try to make one thing for each kid.  Last week, I came across this post at pinkandgreenmama, where she made her kids a burglar set.  I didn't have an extra pillowcase to make a burglar bag, but I did have scraps of fabric from the kids' superhero capes I made a while back.  I made each kid a mask that coordinated with their capes- maybe next year I'll make wristbands.

These are very simple to make, I put felt and sequin fabric, wrong sides facing, drew on the felt the mask shape and eye holes (I used a paper mask we got out of a superhero kit as a guide for the nose/eyehole placement- you could just put paper up to your child's face and use pencil to dot the eyes and sketch the nose).  I pinned the elastic in between the two layers, then I sewed around on all the lines.  I used a pair of sharp scissors and cut out the mask silhouette just outside the stitching, then I did the same for the eye holes.  I stitched on their initial and a lightning bolt for effect.

I made Hazel's with heart shapes, Owen's with cars, Addison's a batman silhouette, and Nathaniel's was just random.  I think they came out pretty good.  And the felt back is nice and comfy.

This would even be a fun gift to give for a birthday.
Have a super Christmas!

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