Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy Playing: Homemade Sundae Slide

Last week, I said to my husband "it's too hot out, there's nothing we can do".  Whoa- I can't believe I even said that, I was totally hot and bothered- just because we don't have a pool, doesn't mean the world has to end.  I am determined to think of something fun and cool to do with the kids outside everyday this week, so check back for ideas.

Did you ever watch Double Dare on Nickelodeon?  The obstacle course at the end of the show was so awesome and I always wished I had a chance to do it.  My kids have never seen the show, but I've always wanted to make a sundae slide for them (and me too).  I wish I had a waffle maker big enough to make the giant waffle with a big pat of butter on it, covered with syrup for them to sift through for the flag too (ah dreams).

What better way to fill up a hot day by making your own sundae slide.  We don't have a slide at my parent's house, but I know the playground down the street is empty on hot days, so I planned the slide activity for a hot day.  My mom was worried the chocolate syrup would stain the playground slide, so we brought our slip and slide (got it on clearance at target for $2.00), and set it up on the side of the hill at the playground.  
Then we added chocolate syrup:
Some whipped cream (the cans don't produce as much cream as you would think):
And sprinkles to complete the sundae:
We forgot to bring a flag, so we put the whipped cream can at the top.  The kids had to start from the bottom and try to climb up and grab it (we told them no standing because it was very slippery and we didn't want any banged heads), if they slipped back, they lost their turn:
We let them have two turns each, no one made it very far, but they sure had fun trying to climb and tasting their hands:
We switched to sliding from the top down, it got more messy and fun:
Look at the smiles, love it!:
We poured water down (brought it in watering cans) to clean the slide and the kids- check out the chocolate puddle:
Did someone order sprinkles on their sundae?
I don't think any one of these kids will be complaining of a boring summer, do you?


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