Saturday, January 7, 2012

Busy Creating: Homemade Star Wars Valentine's Card

I know Valentine's Day is over a month away, but I am so not going to be last minute for it.  For the past several holidays, I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but never got around to it.  Not this holiday!!! I plan on posting each of my kids' homemade Valentine's ideas, one per week, for the next four weeks.  You know what they say, Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

My son is REALLY into Star Wars this year.  For Halloween, he was Darth Vader.  I saw lots of ideas online where you take your kid's picture, with their hand extended, print it, cut out slots, and stick a lollipop in, like they are handing it to you from the picture.  I had this photo of my son from Halloween, so I thought it would be cute along the same lines, but with a glow stick or pixie stick in his hand, as a 3-D light saber.

Here's what you do:  Get a photo of your child in costume (if they have it), holding a light saber or such object (if they have it), or pretending to hold a light saber- try to get a close up shot, I only wish I cropped it, so he was larger in the photo.  
If you have photo editing software (you can use picnik online free), add text (I downloaded the Star Wars font here), I did a play on the most famous Star Wars quote I know ("Luke, I am your father"). :
Print them out.

Using a sharp cutting tool, make a slice about an inch long across the top of the hands and another one below the hands, this is where you will slide the candy in.

I was going to use pixie sticks or light sticks, until I found these on clearance at Walmart for $0.50 a box!!!
Slide the candy into the slots (I hope Darth Vader is strong enough to carry this):
Make a lot!  
I hope this inspired you to start working on your Valentine's too!  I just love homemade ones, don't you?

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