Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Tutu Organizer Kids' Shelf

OK, you can totally tell I had a lot of boys before I had a daughter.  She has a LOT of tutus.  And, no I don't force them on her, she loves to wear them, I just might have gone overboard on the number I bought.  They are very puffy and take up a lot of room, drawer space is limited, so this is where I've been storing them.
Last fall, I began searching for ideas how other people stored tutus and found nothing.  In the process, I came up with my own idea (I have had the materials since last October, just finally got around to doing it last weekend).

I started with a photo ledge that I bought at IKEA for $10:
I took some old dolls and had my husband screw them on to the front of the shelf (my plan was to have them seated on the shelf and their legs would hold the stuff up, but he didn't like the idea of them sitting with their legs open and the glue took too long to dry.  Another idea my dad had was adhesive velcro so you can change out the toy if you want):
The original idea was for the arms to hold up the stuff, but the arms are movable and the weight of the tutus make them fall down to the dolls' sides.  So, I used drapery clips and hung them on the wings of the dolls, then, clipped the tutus to them.
Rapunzel is dual purpose, her hair is housing some of our favorite barrettes:
Not only can we hang stuff from the front, but we can put stuff on the shelf:
Princess peach seriously looks frightened that she's going to fall off.

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