Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gratitude Journals

The other day I was talking with some friends about whether or not our kids really appreciate things they have.  One friend suggested starting a gratitude journal.  I thought that would be an excellent activity for my kids.  As soon as I left the house, I went straight to Barnes and Noble to look for some cool journals.

All the day planners and calendars are 75% off right now!  Hello!, can they be more perfect, there's a space for every single day of the year, most of them even have lines.

Here's the idea:  each night, to keep the kids occupied while I'm getting dinner on the table, they will write two things from the day that they are thankful for.  I even got one for Dave and I.  Not only is this giving them an opportunity to really think about things large and small that they might be thankful for, it helps them practice writing, it is a conversation starter when they read them aloud at dinner, and it gives me a little peace while I'm getting the food out.

Actually, yesterday I was also challenged by another friend to really listen to people and figure out what they need without just assuming you know.  Seeing what they are thankful for versus what I think they should be will be an interesting way for me to learn more about my family.

Last summer, I started the name journals with my kids.  These would also make excellent journals for practicing name and phone number writing on a daily basis.  For the price I paid, you can't beat it.  If you miss them this year, write yourself a note to hit up the sale next year.

Hazel is the most excited about hers.  It came with a bookmark, stickers, note paper, and photo pockets.  She was absolutely thrilled (and I love the Japanese theme):
I write the words, then she copies:
Nathaniel is very interested in elements, could this be more perfect?  A different element a day:
Addison can write in sentences:
and Owen is almost there:
And today I'm thankful for a caring and helpful husband and five healthy kids.  What about you?

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