Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time to get Organized: Garage clean up in 30 minutes

It's been cooling off a bit here, making being outside during the day slightly tolerable.  Hence, today's 30 minute clean up was the garage. The garage is not done by any means, but I thought another before and after of a 30 minute clean would be inspirational.

Here are before shots from the front and then front to the side at an angle.  You can see my kids are not good at putting their stuff away.  It's hard to believe we actually parked both cars in here last winter.

One thing I fell prey to that Peter Walsh mentioned in his book is having a yard sale and leaving the stuff to rot in your garage.  I had a yard sale back in June, and my stuff was still out in the garage- 2 huge boxes and a changing table.  It literally took me five minutes to haul it back in the house during this clean up, but somehow it took me 2 months to motivate myself to give up that 5 minutes.  A piece of advice he gives is to never bring something back in the house that you were going to sell at a yard sale.  The only reason this came back in is because I'm selling it at a thrift sale and I have two weeks to label it and drop it off.

32 minutes later:

The bikes have parking spots (Note, I had previously done this, but they are actually back in them.  I used painter's tape and made each kid's first initial in their spot- these have worked great!)
The plasma cars and other vehicles have spots now too- again painter's tape.
Balls and bats, racquets have designated bins (anything ripped, cracked, or missing it's partner was tossed):
Water and nerf guns have a bin.
I think I'll be able to park my car in here as soon as I finish repainting that table and shelf:)

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