Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time to Get Organized on Tuesday: A Before and After

So, I vowed to do a 30 minute clean-up a day in my house no matter what.  There were a few days that we missed, but we made it up by doing 60 minutes the next day.  So here's my first update.

The upstairs hallway.  It has not been empty since we got our shipment last August.  My goal is to have the whole house purged before our 1 year anniversary.  Take a look at the dramatic difference to this hallway in 35 minutes last Sunday:
Now we can easily walk (or run) down the hallway in daylight or dark without fear of tripping on something.  (I'm loving those reflections on the freshly mopped floor- which was so easy to do with nothing in my way ;)
How did we do it?
I started by making piles of like items that went to the same area- each kid was assigned a task and when they were done, they would come back for more.  If they whined, they were given an extra minute of work.  There were books that had been unpacked, but never put away, boxes of winter clothes that needed to be taken to the basement, toys that needed to go bye bye, and baby clothes that no longer fit.  Everything found a spot or went to good will.

I'll tell you what, I'm liking the results and I know that less is more!  I felt so much stress everytime I walked up and down that hallway and now I feel peaceful.  In fact, I just discovered it'd make a great place for me to get some photos.

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