Saturday, March 3, 2012

Light Saber Party Favor Holders filled with Star Wars Freezer Paper T's

For my son's birthday party, he was very concerned about the favor bags because sometimes I don't make them.  I get sick of all the little trinkets they bring home from other parties, school, even the dentist, that they use for a few days, break, leave laying around for me to step on, etc.  So, I came up with an idea for something cool and functional- a t-shirt in a cardboard light saber that can also function as a real light saber!

For the light sabers, I found some awesome metallic paper on clearance at Michael's.  I was looking at the glitter paper, but this was even more awesome!!!

I cut each piece of 12x12 paper in half- so I had 2 6x12" pieces.  Then, I taped a piece of 8" x 5.5" piece of brown construction paper at the bottom of the metallic and rolled them up- I secured them at the back with packing tape.
Around the front where the metallic met the brown paper, I taped on a strip of silver paper, then I had gone to Target the day after Valentine's day and bought a ton of packs of 50% off Star Wars Valentine's.  Some came with stickers, so I taped them to the front to act like a button:
Then, I made 18 freezer paper t-shirts, which I rolled up and stuffed inside the tubes.  These were a huge hit and it was hard to keep the kids away from them at the party, so I would recommend hiding them until the party is over!
For the t-shirts, I did yoda, darth vader, c3po, and r2d2.  I found the images on the internet by googling free star wars coloring pages, I right clicked and saved the image to my desktop- you can click on the links above to access the same pages.  I used power point to paste the image and make it the size I wanted, then I used the star wars font I downloaded for free here, to write star wars across the top.

I printed the images onto the precut freezer paper printer sheets (now you know why I didn't want to cut them out of the roll of freezer paper).
I cut them out with an exacto knife and ironed them onto the shirts (beware if you use hanes or fruit of the loom t-shirts, they shrink a lot while washing, so size up (prob xl for 1st grade boys, and men's s for 2nd and 3rd).
Then, I painted them and hung them around the house to dry. I actually heat set all the shirts but Darth Vader (when I heat set one, the paint got all bubbly and kind of burnt looking).  I prewashed all the shirts before putting them into the sabers and I didn't notice any fading of the non-heat set black ones.

Yoda and Darth Vader were the definite preferred choices, but I HAD to do the r2d2 and c3po because I really wanted an excuse to use the AWESOME metallic paint I bought.  That paint came out sooo awesome!

Yoda is glow in the dark (my dark photo skills are bad, but you get the idea)- yes, the rocking glow in the dark paint worked and awesome at that!!!!

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