Monday, March 26, 2012

Ruffled Rainbow Streamers

I saw this idea on Dana Made It when I was done looking for the freezer paper stencils.  I couldn't resist thinking I would make these ruffled streamers for Maeve's birthday.

Well, the day of her birthday arrived and I still hadn't made them, so I had pretty much given up on the idea.  The thing in our house used to be that when the kids went to bed, "Mr. Birthday" came and decorated the house as a surprise when they woke up.  I think Mr. Birthday goes on hiatus when dad is gone away on a 2 week+ business trip out of the country.

I felt pretty guilty that I did not really decorate for her birthday, so at 12:00, I went up to the sewing machine to try out a batch.  OMG- awesomeness!!!!  One line turned into three - I had to stop so I could run to pick up the ballooons, but when I came back, I belted out so many more.  It was just so darn easy and fun.

All I did was take two colors of streamers and stick a pencil through the centers of the rolls:
Then, I set my sewing machine to the highest tension and longest stitch:
Put the streamers overlapping slightly under the presser foot and go, straight going in, ruffled coming out:
Look how the yellow and blue kind of make green in the center:
I even made the rainbow that we taped to the front door.
All in all, the streamers took about 30 minutes total to make, if that.  I even saved them when I took them down- usually I recycle streamers.  If you have a lot of birthdays in your house, this may be for you, you can do lots of color combinations, and when you're done, roll them up and store them in a box for the next fun day!

The colored balls were from Party City.  My mom did all the decorating, without her, this would not have been possible, she just has a thing for decorating (I don't).

Who ever knew sewing paper could be so fun!

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